Metro Liquor (Tuscany Liquor Store) has Upright, Gigantic, Uncommon and Boundary Bay in stock.

Metro Liquor (University Heights Shopping Centre) has Gigantic in stock.

Liquor Plus (Royal Oak) has Uncommon’s Bacon Brown in stock.

Liquor Plus (Saanich) has Gigantic in stock.

Liquor Plus (Douglas) has Gigantic and Uncommon.

The Lion’s Liquor Store doesn’t have any of our beers in stock.

Liquor Depot (Gorge) doesn’t have any of our beers in stock.

Four Mile Liquor Store has De Ranke and Upright in stock.

Tudor House Liquor Store doesn’t have any of our beers.

The Cask & Keg (The Cambie) doesn’t have any of our beers in stock.

Spinnakers Spirit Merchants (Bay Area) has Upright and Gigantic in stock.  

Swans Liquor Store doesn’t have any of our beers in stock.

Vintage Spirits Liquor has Gigantic, Upright and Uncommon.

The Strath Liquor Store has all of our beers in stock.

Spinnakers Spirit Merchants (James Bay) has Gigantic, Uncommon and Upright in stock.

Cook Street Village Liquor Store has all our beer in stock.

Penny Farthing Spirit Merchants has Cazeau and had Gigantic.

Hillside Liquor Store has Gigantic and Uncommon in stock.

November 23rd was my first day as Vancouver Island Sales Representative for RainCity Brands.  Now on, for 6 hours every week, I get to talk about beer and get paid to do it.  Amazing.  

While I have been “studying” the beers that I now represent, I also typed up a few little bios to help familiarize myself with the breweries.  

Would you care to meet my eight new best friends?  :D

Opened as a community-oriented brewery in 1995 in a 1922 historic warehouse in downtown Bellingham.  The brewery has since won over 70 awards for it’s beers and has been named the #1 brewery in Washington and one of the top 25 breweries in all of the United States.  The brewery provides over 100 jobs to the Bellingham community, supports local farmers.   they working towards being a zero waste brewery.  

Ben Love, ex-head brewer at Hopworks Urban Brewery, teamed up with Van Havig, one of the first brewers in Oregon to experiment with barrel aging and sours, to create Gigantic Brewery in Portland, Oregon.  The brewery officially opened May 9, 2012.  Their only beer that is available year-round is their IPA, everything else they produce (Royale, Black Friday, City Never Sleeps, Axes of Evil) is limited run and/or seasonal.  

Located in Portland Oregon, Upright Brewing brews farmhouse-style ales in the French/Belgian style but using ingredients local to Portland and Pacific Northwest flair.  They have four beers available year-round: 4, 5, 6, 7.  The numbers are based on their starting gravity.  

Alec Stefansky started brewing with his college roommates in 1996.  In 2002, he started working towards building a “different” kind of brewery.  He opened his community-oriented organic micro brewery in Santa Cruz, California.  Uncommon beers are brewed with the Belgian techniques but use West Coast innovation, organic ingredients and are brewed sustainably.   

Nino Bacelle’s family had been connected to the brewing industry since 1930.  He began brewing in 1981 and, only a few years later, attended brewing school at CTL in Ghent.  In 1994, he began brewing commercially under the name Brewery Nino Bacelle at the existing Deca Brewery.  In 1996, the name changed to Brewery De Ranke when he teamed up with Guido Devos, who had founded the beer tasters association through which they had met.  The name De Rank is related to the hop ranks because they believed that hops were the most important ingredient in their natural, traditionally brewed beer.  In 2007, they moved from brewing part-time at Deca to their own brewery in Dottingines.  In 2008, they were able to brew 2000HL and they exported over half of it.  

A brewery since 1753, Cazeau has been passed down from fathers to sons, nephews and a son-in-law.  In 1840, the brewery had been sold for the first time outside of the family but in 1856, after the new owner/brewer had passed away, it was given back to the rightful heirs.  Brewing had to stop during the First World War, when their copper tanks were recommissioned to create munitions.  But in 1918, Cazeau and a few other breweries banned together to brew at Duchatelet.  In 1926, brewing at Cazeau began again.  As a result of changing tastes and styles, the Cazeau Brewery shut down in 1969 and went retail.  It wasn’t until 2004 when a civil engineer named Laurent Agache—the son of Jean Agache, the last brewer who had run Cazeau—and his friend Quentin Mariage, a chemical engineer, relaunched the Cazeau Brewery.  Their first batch of beer was brewed on May 1st 2004 and lasted over 18 hours but turned out great!  They now brew over 450HL per year, keeping the family style and tradition.

Jef Van den Steen, a mathematician and alderman, and Dirk De Pauw, a lawyer and town clerk, met in 1988 at the townhall of Erpe-Mere.  They both loved beer and decided to brew together.  They attended brewing school at CTL in Ghent from 1991-1994 and then their homebrew really took off.  They bought up brewing equipment from the Meesters brewery that had closed down and set it up in a new building in Glazentorenweg, Erpe-Mere.  In 2002, they were joined by Mark De Neef, a librarian and linguist.  The three started a company on January 1st, 2004 and brewing began August that year.  In 2006, they upgraded to 22HL tanks and built a new brewhouse that opened early 2007.

Cantillon has been around since 1900, when Paul Cantillon opened it.  The only major change since it opened is that they shifted to using organic ingredients in 1999.  In 2011, Jean Van Roy took over the brewery and he still uses all the old copper and barrels, some of which are over 100 years old now.  Famous for it’s lambic beers, which are spontaneously fermented, aged in oak barrels, blended together and then aged in the bottle, the brewery also contains the Gueuze Museum, which has been named one of the “must see before you die” places of the world.

TONIGHT - Monday December 3rd, 4pm: 

Tuesday December 4th, 4pm:

Wednesday December 5th, 4pm:

Thursday December 6th (two events):
- and -
CSKAWY 21 presents Saltspring Island Ales Fresh Hopped ESB
This is the last cask of the year for Clive’s Classic Lounge.
This Salt Spring take on ESB is first hopbacked and then wet hopped with whole cone organic Cascades and Mt Hoods from their estate farm. Bright green twang with notes of melon and cucumber are expected from this terroir brew.

Friday December 7 (two events):
- and -
The Tudor House Pub is hosting their second Cask Night of the season is on Friday, December 7th at 5pm.  This Cask will be a Chocolate Infused Cask of Hermann’s Dark Lager.
As mentioned on twitter last week, we will also be giving all CAMRA members 20% off regularly priced food this Friday beginning at 5pm for the Cask Party.
Head Chef, Ian Dufton, will once again be featuring a pairing menu as well.

Saturday December 8, noon-6pm:  
Join us at the brewery from noon-6pm on Dec. 8th for your chance to sample Hermannator Ice Bock on cask and purchase your 25th Anniversary 650 mL bottle.
650 mL Hermannator collector’s edition bottles are only available for sale at the brewery and won’t last long so please get yours while quantities last.
Hermannator 650 mL bottle: $9.95
Those of you who came to the Dough Head Cask, you know this is an event you don’t want to miss!  :)

Also!  For anyone heading down to Seattle this weekend…Friday and Saturday are Washington Beer's Seattle Winter Beer Fest at Hale’s Ales!  Yours truly will be there, it’s my third annual visit.  See you there?  :)

4pm at Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub:

Tonight Spinnakers is debuting their their Barley Wine which has been cask conditioned with cloves and cinnamon. Only $6/pint, tapped at 4pm!

Join us for a cask of their Citra Pils – dry hopped it with citra hops and citrus peels. It will be tapped at 5pm – get there early to make sure you can try it! The Moon will also be hosting a moustache competition Wednesday night and crowning out Mr. Movember. You won’t want to miss this!

7:30 at The Breakwater Café and Bistro at Ogden Point:

Proudly presenting Live Music by Mathew Murray proudly featuring delicious local beer from Lighthouse Brewing Company. Join us for a complimentary tasting of Tasman Ale and Race Rocks Ale! If you like what you try, pints are on for $5 and Sleeves for $4. Come by and try the new full service menu!


Julie Lavoie

I just found this post sitting as a draft.  Might as well publish it!

A few months ago, I sent an assortment of West Coast craft beer to my old dear friend Lazz who lives in Calgary and works for Wild Rose.  Today I went to pick up a package from the post office and look what I found….

Thank you Lazz!

I regretfully haven’t posted in ages… but I am determined to change that.  

Yesterday I attended Canoe's first beer fest - Winterbrau.  It felt like the event was a long time coming but I actually learned about it on November 2nd - two weeks before the amazing event.  Being newly appointed as CAMRA Communications, I was lucky enough to be included on the thread when Daniel from Canoe reached out to CAMRA for help to get the word out and generate interest.  I basically made this my personal mission.  I created a Facebook event page, sent emails through CAMRA’s newsgroup, posted daily on Facebook and Twitter as myself and as CAMRA.   When the day finally came, I was ecstatic.

I arrived with Arlo and Dave, an hour early for the event, beaming with delight and anticipation.  I saw Chelsea from Moon Under Water through the window and instantly jumped from excitement.  All the brewers were there already, having brunch and beers.  Kevin, the Brewmaster from Coal Harbour, was the first person I saw when I walked through the door, followed by Daniel, Canoe’s Brewmaster and the brains behind the whole event.  I ran in, said hi to Chelsea and Clay, and then joined Lon from Parallel 49, Jeff from VIB and Dean and Rain from Lighthouse.  Soon after we arrived, the brewers went upstairs to get their prepped for the event. We waited impatiently on the main floor for the event to begin.  Before long there was a line and soon after that, they began letting us into the event area.  It filled up really quickly - so many familiar faces gave me giggles.  

The first beer I tried was Moon Under Water’s Victorious Weizenbock, followed by Parallel 49’s Black Christmas CDA (so much for working from light to dark), then Wolf’s Golden Ale, Canoe’s Vanilla Vodka Strong Ale, Coal Harbour’s Hunter’s Moon Brett, Lighthouse’s Siren and Quince Ales, Phillips' Puzzler Belgian Black Ale, and Hoyne's Espresso Stout.  Then I ventured upstairs to try visit Justine from Driftwood and to try the beers they had up there.  These beers were all pretty strong - I really should have asked for low pours.  I tried the Old Cellar Dwellar from Driftwood, then Andrew’s Barleywine from Swans, and Central City's Imperial IPA…  And then things started to get fuzzy.  I had a chat with Dave from Tofino, Heather from VIB, Scottie from Howesound, and Matt from Phillips, but not Matt Phillips.

It was such a great turnout.  By the end of the evening, the Canoe was packed.  I think it’s safe to say the event was a huge success.  Hopefully next year we will see the second annual Winterbrau!

1 note

Spoils of a liver war:

NZ Riwaka hops from our amazing friend Dean (@StickleBract), BC Fuggle hops from the generous guys at Longwood, and Handmade Quadra Stout Soap from my new friend Chris (@heavyfc).

It was so great to see everyone yesterday - new faces and old. 

Wearing my favourite hop for the occasion!     

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This little puppy is going to be something else!  Mild roastiness, hints of dark chocolate. Not much of a nose in the pre-carbonation tasting but after dry-hopping with 2oz of cascade, it’s going to be intense. 

Our friend Owen hooked us up with an auto-syphon and a half inch hose last weekend.  Holy crap does that help speed up transfers!  It’s at least three times as fast as before. 

The first of several flavours that recently came in the mail.

This is super lame.

VanEast Beer Blog: No Consular Privilege for GCBF’s 20th Anniversary  

The Great Canadian Beer Festival is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch have decided that the festival is not eligible for the Consular Privilege Program.

For two decades festival organizers have been using Consular Privilege, which allows alcohol to be imported tax and duty free into Canada by foreign consulates for registered charitable events, but this year they have been told by LCLB General Manager Karen Ayers that beer will have to be sourced through regular channels, namely the Liquor Distribution Branch, meaning the festival will have access to beers listed with the LDB or they can try to access unlisted beers through “special orders” which are never guaranteed to be brought in by the LDB.”

Read all about it here:

Heading down to @VanIsleBrewery for the home brew competition!  :)

Admittedly a little hung over from all the beer I tasted last night, so it’s a good thing I’m stewarding.  Although I have no idea what to expect, I suspect that I will be one of many steward hens, clucking about to make sure the judges are watered and fed. 

My biggest hope for this morning (aside from not tearing a new hole in my skin with another gloriously embarrassing fall) is that the first-ever cask at 1550s will last long enough for me to get there and grab a pint. They’re tapping it at noon, which seems crazy early for me. 

But then again, 8:30 after a night of intense beer tasting seems unnaturally early as well.

Wish me luck!